Questions about Egypt

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Why was Cleopatra so important to history?

Can you tell me more about the King Tut "curse"?

Does the entire family get buried along with an Egyptian pharaoh?

Who was the first pharaoh?

What is known of the Scorpion Kings of Egypt?

Why did Egyptian pharaohs wear a ceremonial beard? What was the ankh?

Is it true that the very first ruler to unite North and South Egypt was a female deity?

Who was Nefertiti?

Did archaeologists ever find Hatshepsut's mummy?

How important were the royal flails to the pharaohs?

Have they found Cleopatra's palace?

Where was Cleopatra's signature found?

Can you tell me about Ramesses II?

Pyramids / Tombs:

Why did the Egyptians use pyramid shapes for their tombs?

Have archaeologists found Cleopatra's body?

Could the Great Pyramid of Giza be reconstructed today?

Is the Giza pyramid and the 'great pyramid' (made by Khufu) the same pyramid?

How do the Maya pyramids differ from Egyptian pyramids?

Is it a fact that Howard Carter had to take King Tut's body out piece by piece?

What did the Arabs call the Egyptian pyramids?

Who robbed the tombs of the ancient Egyptians. How did they do this, and why?

How did the builders of the Egyptian pyramids illuminate the interior corridors and chambers during construction?

Why did the Egyptians bury their kings in pyramids?

How do Egyptologists date pyramids?

To what extent did Carter's discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun add to our knowledge of Egypt during the 18th dynasty?

Can you tell me something about the Book of the Dead?

Why did the Egyptians change from the rectangle shape of their early mastaba-type tombs to a square base for their pyramids?

Who discovered the Great Boat of Khufu?


Did the ancient Egyptians worship cats?

Can you tell me about Egyptian beer?

What types of games did ancient Egyptian children play?

What marriage customs did the ancient Egyptians practice?

Can you tell me about Egyptian clothing?

Did Romans settle in Egypt?


What did scribes do?


What were Egyptian traps like and why were they used in the pyramids?

Were reflectors used to light tunnels as an alternative to torches?

How did the ancient Egyptians write hieroglyphs?

Are there still mummies in tombs today?

How did the Sphinx receive its name?

Is there really a tribe called the Magi (or Med-jai)?

Why were cats so important in Egypt, and are they really the guardians of the underworld?

I heard of a hem-dei curse in the movie The Mummy. Is there such a curse?

What do we know about King Tut during his life -- not just what was found in his tomb?

What can you tell me about the findings in Bahariya Oasis?

What is the Book of the Dead?

What types of problems do Egyptologists face?

What can you tell me about the Sphinx in Giza?

Who was Howard Carter?

How heavy would each block in a pyramid have been?

Is the story of The Mummy real?

What is faience?

Do you have information on the land of Punt?

Were there flesh-eating scarab beetles living in Egypt at one time?

In the movie The Mummy,what language are the characters speaking when they read the Book of the Dead and the Book of Amen-Ra?