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Questions about Greece and Rome

Why did Alex the Great invade Persia?

Dr. dig responds:
Alexander invaded Persia to build the most powerful and extensive empire the known world had ever known. In those days, land meant power, and power was considered a fundamentally good thing.

This is a rather simple answer to a question that has inspired volumes of scholarship and research. Alas, I have only time to write a few sentences here.

I am interested in Alexander the Great. Do you know how he died?

Dr. dig responds:
Alexander the Great died from a fever.

Was Alexander the Great really a bisexual? And how do we know for sure whether or not he was or wasn't?

Dr. dig responds:
n the world of the ancient Mediterranean, it was considered quite normal for men (and sometimes women) to have sexual relationships with the same sex; however, no one attached labels to this habit because it was simply an accepted way of life. So, in answer to your question, Alexander the Great was a bisexual - according to our own modern terminology for the practice - but during his own time period, there wouldn't have been such a distinction between the sexual activity with men and that with women.

An interesting question, but not an easy one to answer or understand in our modern world.


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