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Bite Me - Toothy Tales of Archaeology (July / August 2003)

Are you ready for this issue - there's plenty to "bite" into, that's for sure. We are going on-site around the world to check out teeth. Some are millions of years old, others just a couple of centuries! Each, however, has a great story to tell. Read an Egyptian document that tells about tooth extraction. Then find out just what the oldest uncovered dentures are. And, just how do they date those hominid finds that keep popping up - well, you'll find out just how important teeth in those finds are. How about filed teeth - some even look like zippers! Wonder why? DIG will have the answer for you. But, just so you remember that not all finds are human - or hominid - teeth, we'll go to China and check out some elephant teeth found in a tomb. So, eat your lunch or dinner before this issue as you might not have an appetite for days.

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