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Greek Power (May / June 2003)

The ancient Greeks were not into conquering great tracts of land, but they did expand to colonies and outposts along the Mediterranean shore. Join us as we travel to Athens, the mother city of many of these colonies and outposts, to check out the Painted Stoa, an ancient local hangout. Then accompany the archaeologists as they analyze bones at a colony site and try to figure out just what went wrong for the newcomers. Take a front-row seat as we meet a few people who did not like these colonists entering their lands - but, be careful not to get too close or you might see some combat action yourself. Then, meet a few Tunisians who are learning just how to keep their country's ancient mosaics in place - and intact. You'll need sunglasses and a wide-brim hat for this adventure - the sun can really get quite hot, and clouds are rather scarce.

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Correction! Web site address on page 32 for the Ohio State Isthmia programs should be http://isthmia.ohio-state.edu/teg/schools/.


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