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Bite Me -- Toothy Tales of Archaeology The secrets of the past and the thrill of discovery are the cornerstones of dig, a magazine that explores the wonders of ancient civilizations, mysteries of lost cities, and marvelous contributions of early human cultures.
dig lets young people share in the thrill of archaeological discovery while learning about the cultural, scientific, and architectural accomplishments of different societies. Recent developments in the field of archaeology form the magazine's core subject matter. Greek Power
Nubia dig shows its readers the diversity that existed among ancient peoples and places, and hopefully strengthens their respect for modern peoples and cultures. The rich content enhances cognitive and critical thinking skills, the making of scientific observations, as well as the reading of maps and time lines.
dig is thematic, providing its readers with a broad understanding of a particular topic, and also features colorful graphics, eye-catching photos, puzzles, games, comics, and hands-on projects to spark young people's understanding of the theme. China
Jerusalem, Tales of the Ancient Holy City dig's lively and engaging material will encourage a desire for knowledge about our world as well as a love of reading.

dig is published in partnership with Archaeology magazine.
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